Urban Heat

Research Question

How can cities identify and help vulnerable people who have to spend a dangerous amount of time in direct sun?

Help Cities

Research Objective

Plan for a future of more heat and more people walking in that heat, by introducing a way to map, measure and analyze sidewalk shade.

  • Harvard-trained in sustainability and environmental management, focusing on urban resilience
  • Candidate for a Harvard Master’s in Sustainability (4.0 GPA)
  • Completed a Harvard graduate certificate in Environmental Policy & International Development
  • Analytics courses include GIS, and Critical Analysis of Environmental Systems
  • Seasoned writer and corporate communications strategist
  • Clients range from Fortune 500 to startups
  • Ghostwriter for executives and entrepreneurs
  • Member of Pasadena, California Playhouse District Design and Physical Enhancement Committee

lead to interest in using words and sidewalks to connect people to their city


For organizations and individuals.

Communications strategist with PR agency origins, go-to ghostwriter for execs and specialists. I help organizations, teams and individuals clarify and share their vision in ways that move audiences to action. I work with global orgs to start-ups, public and private.


In urban resilience and safe walkability.

Harvard-trained in sustainability and environmental management. Proposed and tested a new way to quantify sidewalk shade, to help cities proactively help pedestrians remain safe in heat waves. Interested in how people move about and connect in cities.


Connecting people to their city and to each other.

Turning the Pasadena, California municipal code into haiku. Starting to place short stories as art installations on sidewalks around the city. The idea is to make the city and our fellow citizens feel like vital parts of our lives.

Background as a Writer = Able to Complete Big Projects

I specialize in deep-dive projects that require undivided attention over long periods of time, especially when they also require complicated story-puzzling.

  • Wrote scripts for a series of 15 leadership training videos for executives
  • Ghostwrote a series of high-level healthcare management articles for Forbes based on 10 hours (280 pages) of interview transcripts
  • Wrote and edited a 100-page catalog of training opportunities for marketers at a major consumer packaged goods company
  • Wrote several whitepapers on topics such as healthcare, virtual currencies, social commerce, online forums, and challenging the status quo in the automotive industry

I enjoy working under the pressure of a deadline.

I map out a project step-by-step, assign deadlines, and check in regularly to maintain progress.

Two decades as an independent consultant means I am used to plotting my own progress, keeping myself on track, and keeping others on track so I have what I need to get the job done.

Many assignments (like years of quarterly newsletters written for a major utility) require multiple stakeholder interviews and continuous follow-ups to get information and approvals.

I’ve been a ghostwriter for CEOs and executives, helping them share their expertise in topics like healthcare, energy, financial services, change management, stem cell research, virtual economies, linguistics, and multiple other highly technical topics.

I can write about subjects for which I’ve had no training because my expertise is actually in synthesizing information.

I’m an expert at coming into a new situation, submersing myself in the topic at hand, quickly understanding the high-level goals and the ground-level details, and packaging that complexity in a way that’s clear and straightforward.

The fun of puzzling through the chaotic jumble of ideas in someone’s head to write something clear


is the same as the fun of exploring the complex systems in a city to discover ways to improve people’s lives.