Is your organization doing something interesting?

I’d love to help you share it.


Sharing stories of your successes with people inside and outside the organization.


Motivating employees to find ways to help the company be more sustainable.


These stories often involve distilling complex topics down to language that connects.

A writer with a uniquely suited combination of experience and passions.

I’m completing a master’s degree in sustainability at Harvard. Beyond the curriculum, I’ve also studied tactical urbanism, human-centered design, GIS, 3D modeling, change management, habit formation, and how cities can design and plan for heat waves. Read more about my research here.

All that, plus extensive experience as a writer and communications strategist for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tech startups.

Here are a few of my stories.

Promoting Intentional Travel

I wrote and co-produced this 6-minute film offering a fast-paced glimpse of intentional travel in action. Think of intentional travel as a field trip for adults — listening to and learning from people from different cultures. In this case my co-producer and I traveled with fair trade company Just Coffee to meet women growers in Nicaragua.

Talking Up Fair Trade

Interviewed by Pasadena Weekly
After my visit with women coffee producers in Nicaragua, I was interviewed for an article on the advantages of fair trade. I’ve also visited fair trade artisans in El Salvador, and I’ve been a volunteer with non-profit fair trade retailer Ten Thousand Villages Pasadena since 2010.

Advocating for Mobile Health Clinics in Rural Malawi
I wrote this short blog post for Bono’s after traveling through Malawi, where I visited multiple humanitarian projects throughout the southern region of the country.

Advancing the Sharing Economy
I launched LuggageShare Pasadena to give people an alternative to buying new luggage. I also offer a free starter kit so anyone can create their own sharing network in their community. This taps into a trend described by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times: “The sharing economy — watch this space. This is powerful.”